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National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Cabo Corrientes to Punta Angamos

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Chart # Description Scale
21500 Punta Remidios to Cabo Matapalo (OMEGA)
    Plan: Isla del Coco     1:100,000
21621 Isla del Coco (Cocos Island)
      A: Isla Malpelo     1:36,900
      B: Bahia de Chatham     1:10,000
22040 Bahia Pina to Boca Docampado (OMEGA) 1:300,000
22050 Punta Charambira to Punta Coquitos
      A: Isla Gorgona to Punta Coquitos     1:300,000
      B: Punta Charambira     1:300,000
22051 Approaches to Bahia Buenaventura (Columbia-West Coast) 1:50,000
22052 Bahia de Buenaventure (Columbia-West Coast)
    Plan: Bahia de Buenaventure Inner Harbor     1:12,500
22080 Punta Coquito to Isla de Plata 1:300,000
22082 Tumaco Inner Harbor 1:10,000
22083 Approaches to Puerto de Tumaco (Columbia) 1:25,029
22084 Approaches to Esmeraldas
    Plan:Esmeraldas     1:24,984

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Chart # Description Scale
22087 Approaches to Bahia de Caraquez 1:25,000
22100 Punta Jaramijo to Isla Salango 1:100,061
22101 Approaches to Bahia de Manta
    Plan: Manta Harbor     1:12,500
22102 Approaches to Salinas and La Libertad 1:25,000
22103 La Libertad Port (Ecuador) 1:10,000
22109 Isla Salango to Chanduy 1:100,000
22111 Punta Ancon to Isla Santa Clara 1:99,895
22112 Golfo de Guayaquil-Isla Puna-Archipielago de Jambeli 1:100,140
22113 Approaches to Estero Salado and Puerto Maritimo
    Plan: Puerto Maritimo de Guayaquil     1:10,000
22114 Rio Guayos (Equador) 1:25,000
22115 Approaches to Porto Bolivar 1:12,500
22117 Approaches to Rio Guayos 1:30,000
22121 Talara and Approaches
    Plan: Talara     1:15,000
22124 Approaches to Piata
    Plan: Piata     1:14,991
22126 Caleto Lobitos
Including Cabo Blanco
    Plan: Cabo Blanco Anchorage     1:15,000

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Chart # Description Scale
22004 Cabo de San Francisco to Paita (Ecuador and Peru)
    Plan: Los Organos     1:25,000
22090 Cabo San Lorenzo to Punta Sal 1:300,000
22120 Punta Sal to Isla Lobos de Tierra 1:300,000
22125 Puerto Bayovar 1:20,000

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Chart # Description Scale
22130 Isla Lobos de Tierra to Salaverry 1:300,000
22138 Plans in North Central Peru
      A: Pimental and Puerto de Etan     1:25,000
      B: Puerto Malabrigo     1:25,000
      C: Salaverry     1:15,000
22140 Salaverry to Punta Cabeza de Lagarto 1:300,000
22142 Chimbote and Approaches
    Plan: Chimbote     1:20,000
22143 Plans on the Coast of Central Peru
      A: Supe     1:20,000
      B: Huacho     1:20,000
      C: Ancon     1:20,000
22160 Punta Cabeza de Lagarto to Callao 1:300,000
22170 Callao to Punta del Infiermillos 1:300,000
22172 Bahia de Callao 1:12,500
22173 Approaches to Callao 1:75,000

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Chart # Description Scale
22180 Punta del Infiermillos to Punta Atico 1:300,000
22181 Approaches to Pisco
    Plan:Puerto San Martin     1:20,000
22182 Approaches to Matarani and Ilo
      A: Matarani     1:10,000
      B: Ilo     1:15,000
      C: Approaches to Matarani     1:75,000
      D: Approaches to Ilo     1:75,000
22183 Bahia San Nicholas and Bahia San Juan and Approaches
      A: San Nicholas     1:14,996
      B: San Juan     1:14,996
22190 Puerto Chala to Puerto Ilo 1:300,000
22221 Plans on the Coast of Chile
      A: Aleta Mejillones del Norte & Caleta Buena     1:24,320
      B: Rada de Arica     1:36,480
      C: Caleta Abtao     1:20,000
      D: Antofagasta     1:12,500
      E: Tocopilla     1:24,320
22222 Approaches to Antofagasta (Chile) 1:50,000
22233 Bahia de Iquique (Chile) 1:10,000
22234 Plans of Calets Patillos and Pabellon de Pica
      A: Caleta Patillos     1:5,000
      B: Pabellon de Pica     1:30,000
22251 Mejillones (Chile-West Coast)
    Plan: Port of Mejillones     1:20,000

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