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National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
International Charts

Nova Scotia Area
Chart List, & Enlarged View

Chart # Description Scale
14002 Northumberland Strait (Gulf of St. Louis) 1:300,000
14005 Yarmouth to Halifax 1:300,000
14014 Halifax to Sydney (Atlantic Coast-Nova Scotia) 1:350,000
14040 Bay of Fundy, Inner Portion
      A: Petitcodiac River     1:200,000
      B: Cobequid Bay     1:200,000
14041 Gulliver Cove to Port Lorne (Nova Scotia-Northwest Coast) 1:72,940
14042 Annapolis Basin (Nova Scotia)
      A: Digby     1:5,487
      B: Port Wade Wharf     1:5,000
      C: Continuation of Annapolis River     1:25,000
      D: C.P. Ferry Terminal     1:5,000
14043 Approaches to Saint John Harbour 1:50,000
14044 Saint John Harbour and Approaches (New Brunswick) 1:15,000
14046 Avon River and Approaches
    Plan: Hantsport Wharves     1:2,400

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Chart # Description Scale
14061 Grand Manan (Bay of Fundy) 1:60,000
14062 Yarmouth to Three Islands
Including Saint Marys Bay
14065 Yarmouth Harbour and Approaches
    Plan: Yarmouth Wharves     1:5,000
14066 Lockeport to Yarmouth
Including Cape Sable Island
14067 Shelburne Harbour
    Plan: Shelburne Inner Harbor     1:8,400
14068 Lockeport Harbour
    Plan: Lockeport Inner Harbor     1:3,600

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Chart # Description Scale
14081 Medway Harbour to Lockeport Harbour
Including Liverpool
    Plan: Liverpool     1:20,000
14083 Egg Island to West Ironbound Island 1:145,000
14085 Lunenburg Bay
    Plan: Lunenburh Harbour     1:9,000
14086 Mahone Bay
      A: Chester Harbour     1:12,140
      B: Mahone Harbour     1:13,800
14087 Osborne Head to Betty Island 1:38,866
14088 INT 4634 Halifax Harbour Bedford Basin 1:10,000
14089 INT 4633 Halifax Harbour(Nova Scotia-Southeast Coast)
    Inset: Ocean Terminals     1:5,000
14090 INT 4631 Approaches to Halifax Harbour
    Plan: Sambro Harbour     1:20,000
14091 INT 4632 Halifax Harbour Black Point to Point Pleasant 1:10,000
14093 Taylors Head to Shut In Island
      A: Ship Harbour and Approaches     1:30,000
      B: Continuation A     1:30,000

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Chart # Description Scale
14100 Country Island to Barren Island
      A: St. Mary's River     1:30,000
      B: Port Bickerton     1:20,000
      C: Country Harbour     1:30,000
14105 Cape Canso to Liscomb Island (Nova Scotia-Southeast Coast) 1:108,836
14110 Strait of Canso and Approaches 1:75,000
14111 Strait of Canso and Southern Approaches
      A: Canso Lock and Causeway     1:10,000
      B: Point Tupper to Ship Point     1:12,000
14112 Canso Harbour to Strait of Canso 1:37,500
14115 Country Island to Egg Island (Nova Scotia-Southeast Coast) 1:150,000

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Chart # Description Scale
14121 Red Point to Guyon Island (Nova Scotia) 1:75,000
14123 Guyon Island to Flint Island
    Plan: Main-A-Dieu Passage     1:
14125 Louisburg Harbour (Cape Breton Island) 1:10,000
14128 Flint Island to Cape Smoky 1:75,185
14130 Little Bras d'Or 1:5,000
14132 Great Bras d'Or St Andrews Channel and St Anns Bay
      A: Entrance of Great Bras d'Or     1:20,000
      B: Otter Harbour     1:20,000
      C:Entrance to St. Anns harbour     1:20,000
14133 Great Bras'd Or and St Patricks Channels
      A: McIvers Pointn to Little Narrows     1:15,040
      B: baddeck Harbour     1:10,030
      C: Iona and Grand Narrows     1:10,025
14134 Bras'd Or Lake
Continuation A
    Plan: Lennox Passage     1:40, 210
14135 St Peters Bay
    Plan: St. Peters Canal     1:5,000
14136 Sydney Harbour
      A: North Sydney     1:6,000
      B: Sydport     1:6,000
      C: International Piers     1:6,000
      D:Sydney Wharves     1:6,000
      E: Sydney River     1:6,000

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Chart # Description Scale
14141 St Georges Bay (Nova Scotia) 1:75,200
14145 Port Hood Mabou Harbour and Havre Boucher
      Port Hood     1:18,000
      Mabou Harbour     1:18,000
      Havre Boucher     1:12,000
14146 Cape George to Pictou
      A: Ballantynes Cove Wharf     1:2,.400
      B: Cribbean Head Wharf     1:2,400
      C: Baillie Brook Wharf     1:2,400
      D: Arisaig Harbour Wharf     1:2,400
14151 Cape Bear to East Point 1:75,000
14156 Souris Harbour and Approaches
    Plan: Souris Harbour     1:4,000
14162 Hillsborough Bay (Gulf of St. Lawrence) 1:40,000
14169 Pictou Harbour
    Plan: Pictou     1:3,600
14173 Charlottetown Harbor (Prince Edward Island) 1:12,000

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Chart # Description Scale
14188 Miramichi (Canada-New Brunswick-Gulf of St. Louis)
    Continuation: Miramichi River
14189 Entrance to Miramichi River (Gulf of St. Louis) 1:25,000
14190 Cape Tormentine to West Point
      Cape Tormentine     1:6,000
      Borden     1:6,000
14200 West Point to Baie de Tracadie 1:100,000

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