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National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
International Charts

Strait of Juan de Fuca
Queen Charlotte Sound

Chart List, & Enlarged View

Chart # Description Scale
17486 Cape Calvert to Goose Island
including Fitz Hugh Sound
17487 Spider Island to Kwakshua Channel and Namu Harbor 1:40,187
17489 Cape Scott to Cape Calvert 1:74,601
17491 Scott Islands 1:74,494
17495 Quatsino Sound to Queen Charlotte Strait
    Inset: Scott Channel     1:80,000
17541 Hope Island to Quatsino Sound 1:67,395
17542 Quatsino Sound
    Plan: Coal Harbour     1:12,000

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Chart # Description Scale
17503 Approaches to Campbell River 1:10,000
17515 Strait of Georgia, Northern Portion 1:80,000
17517 Strait of Georgia, Central Portion 1:80,000
17518 Strait of Georgia, Southern Portion 1:80,000
17519 Howe Sound (British Columbia) 1:40,000

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Chart # Description Scale
17543 Nootka Sound to/a Quatsino Sound 1:150,000
17545 Esperanza Inlet to Nootka Sound 1:75,063
17546 Ucluelet Inlet to Nootka Sound 1:150,000
17548 Barkley Sound 1:40,000
17549 Alberni Inlet
      A: Port Alberni     1:10,000
      B: Entrance to Useless Inlet     1:10,000
      C: Robbers Passage     1:10,000

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Chart # Description Scale
17550 Approaches to Juan de Fuca Strait 1:150,000
18401 Approaches to Nanoose Harbour 1:15,000
18402 Approaches to Nanaimo Harbour 1:20,000
18403 Nanaimo Harbour and Departure Bay 1:8,000
18405 Vancouver Harbour (Western Portion) 1:10,000
18406 Approaches to Vancouver Harbour 1:25,000
18407 Vancouver Harbour Central Portion
    Plan: Second Narrows     1:6,000
18408 Vancouver Harbour Eastern Portion
    Plan: Indian Arm     1:30,000
18409 Fraser River Sand Heads to Douglas Island 1:20,000
18412 Active Pass Porlier Pass and Montague Harbour
      A: Porlier Pass     1:12,000
      B: Montague Harbour     1:18,000
      C: Active Pass     1:12,000
18413 North Pender Island to Thetis Island 1:40,000
18414 Plans Saltspring Island
      A: Ganges Harbour and Long Harbour     1:18,000
      B: Fulford Harbour     1:15,000
      C: Cowichan Bay to Maple Bay     1:18,000
      D: Genoa Bay     1:12,000
      E: Birds Eye Cove     1:12,000
18415 Satellite Channel Boundary Pass and Haro Strait 1:40,000
18416 Darcy Island to Race Rocks 1:40,028
18418 Esquimalt Harbour and Approaches
    Plan:Constance Cove     1:4,000
18419 Victoria Harbour 1:6,000
18420 Approaches to Tsehum Harbour 1:10,000
18475 Tofino 1:20,000

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for more extensive coverage Western Canada,
Visit the
Canadian Hydrographic Office
sections of our website

Point Arena to San Diego

Chart # Description Scale
18722 Point Arguello to Purisima Point 1:25,000
18723 Point Conception to Point Arguello 1:25,000
18758 Del Mar Boat Basin 1:5,000

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Hawaiian Islands

Chart # Description Scale
19366 Pearl Harbor (Oahu-South Coast) 1:15,000
19369 Approaches to Pearl Harbor (Oahu-South Coast) 1:20,000
19482 Midway Islands 1:10,000

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for more extensive coverage Western Canada,
Visit the
Canadian Hydrographic Office
sections of our website


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