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International Charts

Gulf of Saint Lawrence
Chart List, & Enlarged View

Chart # Description Scale
14008 Cabot Strait and Approaches Scatarie Island to Anticosti Island 1:350,000
14144 Magdalen Islands (Gulf of Saint Lawrence) (LORAN-C) 1:110,665
14180 Baie des Chaleurs to Iles de la Madeleine 1:350,000
14181 Bathurst Harbour 1:12,000
14183 Resitgouche River (Gulf of Saint Lawrence)
    Plan: Dalhousie Harbour     1:7,212
14185 Caraquet Harbout Shippegan Harbour and Miscou Harbour
    Inset: Shippegan Gully to baie de Shippegan     1:20,000
14186 Cap Des Rosiers to Chandler 1:75,000
14187 Havre de Gaspe
      A: marina de Gaspe     1:4,000
      B: Quai Public Wharf     1:4,000
14200 West Point to Baie de Tracadie 1:100,000

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Chart # Description Scale
14201 Lake St Francis
    Plan: Cornwall     1:6,000
14202 Lac Saint Francois Eastern Portion (Saint Lawrence Seaway) 1:25,045
14203 Canal de Beauharnois
      A: Baie Saint-Francois     1:12,010
      B: Port de Valleyfield     1:5,000
14204 Lac Saint Louis
    Plan: Union Carbide     1:6,000
14205 La Prairie Basin 1:20,027
14206 Port of Montreal (St. Lawrence River) 1:12,000
14207 Varennes to Longue Pointe (St. Lawrence River) 1:12,000
14208 Lavaltrie to Longue Pointe (St. Lawrence River) 1:36,060
14221 Lac Saint Pierre to Lavaltrie (St. Lawrence River)
      A: Lanoraie Anchorage     1:18,000
      B: Port of Sorel     1:12,000
14222 Lac Saint Pierre (St. Lawrence River) 1:36,000
14223 Champlain to Lac Saint Pierre
    Plan: Trois-Rivieres     1:12,010
14225 Donnacona to Batiscan
      Batiscan     1:5,000
      Portneuf     1:5,000
14226 Quebec to Donnacone 1:40,000
14227 Port of Quebec 1:15,000
14228 Sault Au Cochon to Quebec 1:50,017
14240 Pointe des Monts to Escoumins
      A: Matane     1:20,000
      B: Rimouski Pointe-au-Pere     1:20,000
      C: Baie Verte     1:20,000
      D: Godbout     1:5,000
14241 Cap Aux Oies to Sault Au Cochon (St Lawrence River)
      A: Saint-Joseph-De-La-Rive     1:5,000
      B: Ile Aux Coudres     1:5,000
      C: Godbout     1:5,000
14242 Cap de la Tete au Chien to Cap aux Oies
      A: Pointe-au Pic     1:5,000
      B: Saint-Simeon     1:5,000
      C: Pointe de la Riviere du Loup     1:5,000
      D: Port de Gros-Cacouna     1:10,000
14243 Pointe au Boisvert to Cap de la Tete au Chien
    Plan: Escoumens     1:15,000
14244 Tadoussac to Cap Eternite 1:37,521
14245 Cap Eternite to St Fulgence
    Plan: Ha! Ha! Bay     1:24,600
14246 Saint Fulgence to River Shipshaw (Saguenay River)
      Riviere Chicoutimi to Riviere Shipshaw     1:17,964
      Saint-Fulgence to Riviere Chicoutimi     1:17,997

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Chart # Description Scale
14259 Pointe de Moisie to Ile de Grand Caouis 1:75,018
14260 Havre Saint Pierre and Cap des Rosiers to Pointe des Monts 1:300,000
14263 Baie des Sept Iles
      A: Pointe-Noire     1:10,000
      B:Sept-Iles     1:10,000
14264 Anchorages and Harbour Installations
      Port Cartier     1:15,000
      Baie-Comeau     1:20,009
      Public Wharf     1:10,002
      Cargill-Reynolds Wharves     1:10,000
      Ile Aux Oeufs Anchorages     1:50,000
      Baie des Homards Anchorage     1:50,000
14280 Cap Whittle to Havre Saint Pierre and Ile d Anticosti 1:350,000
14310 Sydney to Saint Pierre 1:350,000
14420 Pointe Amour to Cape Whittle and Cape St George
    Plan: Lower Cove     1:15,000

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