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Sailing Directions

Sailing directions are published by the National Imagery and Mapping Angency under the authority of the United States Department of Defense.

Sailing directions, cover harbors, coasts, waters of the world, and provide information that cannot be shown graphically on nautical charts and is not readily available elsewhere.

Sailing directions (Enroutes) include detailed coastal and port information which supplements the latest revised print of the largest scale chart for sale by NIMA.

PUB 120     Pacific Ocean and Southeast Asia $45.00
PUB 123     Southwest Coast of Africa $40.00
PUB 124     East Coast of South America $40.00
PUB 125     West Coast of South America $35.00
PUB 126     Pacific Islands $45.00
PUB 127     East Coast of Australia and New Zealand $45.00
PUB 131     Western Mediterranean $50.00
PUB 132     Eastern Mediterranean $45.00
PUB 140     North Atlantic, Baltic, North and Medit Seas $45.00
PUB 141     Scotland $45.00
PUB 142     Ireland and the West Coast of England $45.00
PUB 143     West Coast of Europe and Northwest Africa $45.00
PUB 145     Nova Scotia and the Saint Lawrence $50.00
PUB 146     Newfoundland, Labrador, and Hudson Bay $50.00
PUB 147     Caribbean Sea - Volume I $40.00
PUB 148     Caribbean Sea - Volume II $40.00
PUB 153     West Coasts of Mexico and Central America $40.00
PUB 154     British Columbia $45.00
PUB 155     East Coast of Russia $30.00
PUB 157     Coasts of Korea and China $50.00
PUB 158     Japan - Volume I $50.00
PUB 159     Japan - Volume II $33.00
PUB 160     South Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean $40.00
PUB 161     South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand $35.00
PUB 162     Philippine Islands $50.00
PUB 163     Borneo, Jawa, Sulawesi, and Nusa Tenggara $48.00
PUB 164     New Guinea $40.00
PUB 171     East Africa and the South Indian Ocean $35.00
PUB 172     Red Sea and the Persian Gulf $45.00
PUB 173     India and the Bay of Bengal $40.00
PUB 174     Strait of Malacca and Sumatera $35.00
PUB 175     North and West Coasts of Australia $50.00
PUB 180     Arctic $30.00
PUB 181     Greenland and Iceland $40.00
PUB 182     North and West Coasts of Norway $40.00
PUB 183     Northern Coast of Russia $40.00
PUB 191     English Channel $40.00
PUB 192     North Sea $40.00
PUB 193     Skagerrak Kattegat $30.00
PUB 194     Baltic Sea (Southern Part) $45.00
PUB 195     Gulf of Finland and Gulf of Bothnia $22.00
PUB 200     Antarctica $35.00

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